Unfinished Labs is now Amplica Labs!

We develop critical infrastructure for the builders pioneering the next era of social networks.

Today, mega platforms govern social networking. This is a legacy model that conflicts with the needs of the world's digital citizens, and we believe it is time for people, not platforms, to take control of the way social networks work.

Our mission is to develop tooling and infrastructure that equips builders to launch the next era of social networking apps, one that empowers people to control their data and experience. We are working on a portfolio of technology that lays the foundation for the Social Web, an evolution of the digital world in which core social networking functionality is part of the web itself. Apps that connect to this new infrastructure give people more transparency, choice, and agency—so they are no longer locked in to the rule of platforms.

Amplica Labs, a key part of McCourt Global's technology business, has contributed to a range of infrastructure projects in support of the evolution and adoption of the Social Web including: